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Taking Advantage of the NutriSystem Counseling Program
Years ago, NutriSystem heard what people were saying. They liked the support of center-based weight loss programs, but often struggled with their inconvenience and lack of privacy. And while it was nice to have a way to check-in with someone, in today's busy world, that kind of support was almost a luxury.

Well, not to NutriSystem. Believing that support and information are definitely not a luxury part of a weight loss program, but instead imperative and key components, NutriSystem began its online and telephone counseling program.

Now, members can get the same quality support and information that they would going to a weight loss center, but with much more privacy and convenience. There's no schlepping across town a couple times a week, or fitting long meetings into your schedule – and did we mention that you'll never have to weigh-in publicly again?

The NutriSystem counseling team is a great support tool that many take advantage of. Here's how you can, too.

Don't be a stranger.
From the get-go, it's a great idea to get to know your support system through frequent contact. Just choose a time, once or twice a week, when it's convenient to call and check-in with one of our weight loss coaches. You could "Car Counsel" in transit on your cell phone; "Breakfast Counsel" before the kids get up; Or just log on to the NutriSystem site during your work break and take a few minutes to chat online. It's all about whatever works for you. But checking in with a counselor, even if it's just once each week, will help you keep your motivation high and that scale number low.

Go for the quick hit.
You don't have to spend half an hour on the phone with a counselor to get the benefits and advice you need. If you're busier than a beaver during the rainy season (although we're not really sure what that means), just take five or ten minutes to check in every week. If you have questions, ask them, but even if you don't, it's still a great way to let them know you're doing well. It's the key to staying proactive and motivated toward your weight loss program.

Ask away.
Many times you will have questions about your diet, and you're never going to find out the answers if you don't ask someone. That's where the counselors come in. There is no question too small or too simple. What do I do if I don't like dairy? How can I stop craving chocolate? You need to be informed and confident about your plan if you're going to stick with it. If you're not sure about something, we want to give you the answers you need. Our counselors’ job is to make losing weight as easy as possible for you, so make him or her work!

Tune in at any time.
Remember, you never need an appointment to speak with a NutriSystem counselor. We know that you might have questions at any and all times of the day. That's why you can call on our staff of counselors at any time. And if it's after hours (really late, or really early), simply leave a message or drop them an email and they'll get right back to you.

Write down your questions.
Don't rely on your memory. When you have a question and don't have time to call or chat online with a counselor at the moment, then write it down. Chances are, if you were wondering about it once, you'll have the same question again and want the answer. Use the counselors as a resource. They're there to help you learn better eating habits and remind you that even though you have to wash them, "vegetable" isn't a dirty word.

Use the online diary.
This is another fantastic free service from NutriSystem. With the online diary tool, each day you can record the foods you eat and the exercise you do online, tracking your diet in a simple, automated program. You may be amazed at the patterns that appear, and the ideas you can get from viewing your nutrition in this format. Plus, it allows not only you, but also our counselor to view your progress and fine-tune your program, if you wish. All of the information you need to help you lose weight is right there in one place.

While counseling is never mandatory, we recommend that members try it a few times. Just call in when it's convenient, or when you have a particular question or just need a little shot in the arm. The hardest thing about your first counseling session is picking up the phone, logging on to chat, or sending that email. But once you do, you'll see that utilizing a counselor is one of the very best ways to make the most of your program. It can mean the difference between losing only the first 10 pounds or losing all 60 pounds and reaching your goal (and you're here to reach your goal, aren't you?).

So give it a try today, and make the most out of your NutriSystem program. It truly can give you the edge you want in your journey toward success!