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Your Weight Loss Moment of Truth
Nutrisystem members share their turning points.

For most people, losing weight is a decision. There’s usually a moment of truth—a time when all the excuses fall away and you’re left with the inescapable knowledge that you have to take action and get the weight off. This seems to be true no matter how much weight you want to lose—whether it’s 22 pounds or 156 pounds.

We asked NutriSystem members to share their personal turning points, and the responses were both poignant and powerful. In fact, we found that the responses tended to break down into a few broad categories: seeing yourself clearly, physical challenges, health alarms, personal motivations and clothes challenges. As you read, see if you can relate to some of these personal anecdotes.

Please note: The following entries were posted on the NutriSystem discussion boards by NutriSystem members. Some of the entries may have been edited for length.

Is This How I Really Look?

“My weight loss moment of truth came when I was about to go into a store. I looked straight into the eyes of a very fat lady coming out. Poor lady! Yes, that poor lady was my reflection in the glass. How in the world had I let that happen?” –olddress, NutriSystem member

“My moment of truth came when looking at pictures from my son’s recent wedding and cringing from what I saw.” –Hunny8, NutriSystem member

“Last Christmas, I saw pictures of myself and my family. I looked at the fat guy in the photo and realized that I had not only gained back some of the weight I had lost, I gained it all back and then some.” –Steverhud, NutriSystem member

“In November 2007, my daughter and I went down to Albuquerque to visit my 96-year-old gram who may not be with us much longer. My sister took a pix of my daughter and I…when I opened it, I was aghast at how horrifically obese I am.” –Iraesjoys, NutriSystem member

“My moment of truth, when my daughter who is 25 was home from the service getting ready to leave for Iraq. I had a picture made with her and my son, who is 18, and both are physically fit like I used to be. On seeing me between these two great looking kids, I thought, these are my children, and they deserve to have me around to aggravate them for a long time. Besides, I figured my daughter had a lot more to worry about in Iraq than the health of her dad back home.” –Mojo-62, NutriSystem member

“I got the pictures back from my 50th birthday at the Grand Canyon and said, enough!” –Pshrynk, NutriSystem member

“I saw a picture of myself with my partner at a wedding. He looked wonderful, and I looked horrid. I immediately shut that photo out of my mind, because I could not believe I looked like that. It took me months to get up the confidence and courage to start researching diets and making the commitment to do something.” –kncrvt, NutriSystem member

“On the cruise ship they take pictures right and left knowing that you will at least look at them and most likely buy them for memorabilia,. I could not believe the woman in those pictures. I looked ten years older. I honestly did not recognize myself.” –CharissWalker, NutriSystem member

I Couldn’t Do That Any More

“I got tired of going to special events and wondering if it was safe to sit in the flimsy looking folding chairs. I got tired of not going camping or hiking because I couldn’t go more than a couple of hundred yards before my back hurt so much I had to stop and rest.” –Gianavel

“I was tired of my weight dictating how I had to live. Before, there was no comfortable way to go to Disneyland. I used to worry about fitting into chairs with arms or booths at restaurants.” –BigSlickette, NutriSystem member

“I wasn’t able to bend over to tie my own shoes anymore. I’m only 35 years old, for cryin’ out loud! I was going to end up with a cane or in a wheelchair over the next five years. I didn’t want that.” –Keith, NutriSystem member

“I ride horses competitively and never did very well at it, and I knew it was because of my weight. I knew for years that my weight was keeping me from doing very well as a rider, and it sure wasn’t helping the horses either.” –Chieffer, NutriSystem member

“I realized I was no longer living, I was simply existing. I wasn’t enjoying life anymore because I had gotten so big that I couldn’t enjoy life—not the way you are truly supposed to enjoy life as a 20-something.” –ijustwanttolive, NutriSystem member

“Both [my sons] are autistic. It finally sank in that if I didn’t get healthier and stronger, I wasn’t going to be able to provide the level of care required.” –Vicki-licious, NutriSystem member

“My son is very active in Boy Scouts. If I wanted to go on a high adventure trek I needed to lose a lot of weight. I realized then that if I wouldn’t lose the weight for me, I could lose the weight to be able to spend time with my kids.” –DGC1963, NutriSystem member

All in the Family

“My husband announced he was going on NutriSystem. I was afraid he would lose weight and I would be his fat wife!” –jazzybelle, NutriSystem member

“My moment of truth came after my family and I went on vacation to Ireland. My wife had been telling me for years that I had to do something about the weight and I just ignored her. I guess the shock of seeing how fat I really was made me take the first step.” –fatfreeagain, NutriSystem member

“My wife suggested we should both do something. “How would you feel about NutriSystem?” she asked. Now my wife is losing weight faster than me. I’m going to be closing in on my goal just as it’s time to take the kids to summer camp.” –cardslinger, NutriSystem member

“Four years ago, three of my best friends lost over 30 pounds each. My wife, who is small, tried talking me into losing weight, too. I declined and told her I was happy with the way I was. Then a year later, my sister-in-law walked into my house, and she had lost over 40 pounds. She and I were the biggest people in our family, and I never expected her to lose weight. After she left, I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be the only fat person in our family.” –tomnew, NutriSystem member

“My son is 47 and has had health challenges he has never shied-away from. When he was diagnosed diabetic and attacked the disease head-on, I decided I needed to do something, too. I was wasting this life that he so fought for and embraced, and I was ashamed.” –CAMILLE-2cm, NutriSystem member

“My husband went on a diet and lost 50 pounds. He came into the bedroom when I was getting ready and he weighed himself. He said, ‘Look, I am down to 175.’ When he had left the room, I decided to see how much I weighed. 189! I was the fat wife!” –Laurie, NutriSystem member

Here’s to your Health

“My moment of truth came at my oncologist’s office. He was telling me I must have lap band surgery. I was speechless. I knew I was very overweight, but I didn’t think I needed to lose 100 pounds. I walked out of the office thinking about my health and lifestyle. I knew I had to make big changes in my life if I didn’t want that surgery.” –filsgirl, NutriSystem member

“I had my blood pressure checked, my cholesterol tested, and my body fat measured. I was shocked and surprised by what I found out. I realized that even though I considered myself healthy, I really wasn’t. And at 39, I realized I was probably on the fast track for diabetes as well. One week later, I joined NutriSystem, and one year later, I’m down 60 pounds*.” –CurlyJessie

“It was early spring in 2007, and I was at my oncologist office. The nurse called me in and asked me to step on the scale. I weighed in at 198 pounds. At that point, I realized I needed some help to lose weight and get healthier.” –LadyJNar, NutriSystem member

“I started NutriSystem January 14. I was a 265-pound tired miserable person. I could tell my health was deteriorating.” –Ed-C, NutriSystem member

“My blood pressure was not controlled even with medication, and I just didn’t feel well most of the time. I had no energy and was just plain miserable.” –canuk383, NutriSystem member

“I had high blood pressure. My cholesterol was off the charts and my sugar count was high. I had bad knees, and I huffed and puffed when I did anything. Plus, I was tired of feeling old and fat.” –Swedish8Fish, NutriSystem member

“It was time to lose weight when I started noticing some health problems at the age of 24.” –joey6ster, NutriSystem member

“A couple of years ago I switched jobs, and there was no insurance. When I tried to get health coverage, I was denied due to my “height/weight ratio.” –Rebecca, NutriSystem member

Wardrobe Malfunction

“I have to wear a uniform each day, and as the weight was creeping back up again, it was getting tighter and tighter. One day, I squatted down to pick something up and the inseam of my uniform pants split. I was devastated.” –Monalisa08, NutriSystem member

“I noticed myself making excuses not to go to the beach or swimming with my friends, just because I felt gross in a bathing suit. I also felt like the only girl in the world who hated shopping for clothes.” –VAL92, NutriSystem member

“I wear a uniform at work and I was trying to promote, so I had a scheduled interview. I put on my dress jacket, and it was tight. This was very upsetting, because I wasn’t wearing my protective vest, and I was fitted for a jacket a year earlier with the vest on. When I went into the interview, the chair I was supposed to sit in had arms, and I had difficulty fitting in it. During the interview it felt like one of the interviewers was disgusted with my appearance (as was I). I left there telling myself things had to change.” –dayclan, NutriSystem member

“My folks came to my house with an outfit they had bought me. It was a size 16. I had never been anything bigger than a size 16, so I wasn’t worried until I tried it on. It didn’t fit. The tears that flowed from my eyes didn’t stop for almost an hour.” –Jenn1214, NutriSystem member

It’s Personal

“I had always had weight problems due to being in a wheelchair since the age of 4 (born with Muscular Dystrophy). In February 2005, I was sitting home depressed and feeling hopeless as I often did, and I saw a NutriSystem commercial and decided to try yet another diet plan. When I look at “before” pictures, I cannot believe that was me and I let myself get that way.” –Hazelangeleyes, NutriSystem member

“I practically live in a bathing suit all summer. My youngest son is turning 2 this summer, and I can no longer use the excuse that I’m still carrying baby weight.” –AlliHope, NutriSystem member

“I started feeling a call to get into the ministry process, and I honestly knew that in order to be true to my calling, I needed to get my health in order.” –Bandmaster, NutriSystem member

“My wakeup call came 2 months ago when I bought a really cute new car and realized that the car turned lots of heads, but I did not. If I wanted to look as good (as the car), I needed to do something now.” –Taurus62, NutriSystem member

“I was tired of being single. The kind of women to which I am attracted (smart, intelligent, attractive, fit professionals) are not ordinarily attracted to a guy who gives the impression that he doesn’t give a crap about his health or well-being.” –nyctfl, NutriSystem member

“I am a disabled veteran, and I had slowly gotten depressed with my life, my health and my body…” –Damon, NutriSystem member

“I became a US Marshall and got into the best physical condition of my life. Then, at age 45, I was wounded in the hip and lower legs and my lifestyle completely changed. After 21 months in recovery, I had gone from very active to very sedentary. Fifteen years of inactivity, depression and improper diet took their toll, and a few days after my 60th birthday, I wondered if there was still that 185-pound me buried under this 300-pound shell.” –tad4uwin, NutriSystem member

At NutriSystem, we applaud each and every one of you for your courage to stop what you’re doing and turn your lives around. And to everyone out there dealing with a weight issue and its impact on your life, we ask you:

What’s your personal moment of truth?

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