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Fitness and Exercise
DVDs to Get You Moving
You’re losing weight; you would really like to start getting in shape, but going to a gym is out of the question. Maybe a fitness center membership isn’t in your budget now, or maybe you’re still haunted by high school gym class. Whatever your reasons, you can’t let this stand in the way of your desire to get fit.
What you may not realize is that a complete, challenging workout is as close as your TV. There are literally hundreds of fitness and exercise DVDs available for every imaginable type of exercise and every fitness level. The trick is sorting through all the possibilities and finding a program that’s just right for you.
Here’s a run-down of some of the most popular exercise programs available on DVD:
Turbo Jam
One of the most popular DVD workout programs among NutriSystem users, Turbo Jam combines karate, dance, kickboxing, tai chi and yoga with up-tempo dance music.
Turbo Jam is available in several different DVDs, each designed for specific types of exercise, such as cardio, body sculpting and building abs. There’s also a shorter version designed for those days you’re pressed for time. This is a vigorous workout, and if you haven’t exercised in awhile, you may find Turbo Jam difficult.
Tae Bo
This exercise started in the 1990s—a vigorous program combining martial arts movements with boxing for an intense workout that increases cardio and general fitness. As with Turbo Jam, if you’ve been sedentary for awhile, Tae Bo might be a bit of a challenge.
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)
This actually started out as a musical video game first introduced in Japanese arcades. Its popularity has spread around the world, and now the program is available in a DVD version, in addition to its initial video game format.
The Dance Dance Revolution game is played on a mat called a dance pad. Players are lead through different dance steps to the accompaniment of upbeat graphics and dance music. There are dance modes available for everyone, from beginner to advanced routines.
If you’ve always loved dancing, why not turn that love into part of your fitness program. Quite a few dancing DVDs are available. Some combine popular music with easy-to-learn exercise/ dance moves. Others take a more global approach, using world music and international dance routines, such as salsa and belly dancing.
There’s even a DVD for chair dancing, with routines for aerobic and toning exercises. Chair dancing is a great option for anyone who’s physically challenged or who’s looking for a less taxing workout. 
Yoga has been around for centuries and over time has only increased in popularity. As yoga’s popularity has grown, variations have been spawned and routines have been developed for every fitness level and every imaginable workout goal.
Although yoga tends to be a little quieter than other exercise routines, it can be no less challenging. Even if you’re physically fit, you might want to start out with a beginning yoga workout, so you can familiarize yourself with basic yoga postures. Yoga is especially good for increasing flexibility and improving cardio health.
While this may seem like a no-brainer sort of exercise, walking can actually be more complicated than you first think. A wide assortment of DVDs are available to help you establish a walking routine that fits your fitness goals. There’s even a DVD routine for indoor walking!
Check ‘Em Out
Maybe several of these programs seemed interesting to you. That’s great! Rather than shelling out a lot of money to buy them, why not try them out first?  Video stores often have exercise DVDs available to rent. If what you want isn’t available there, try your local library.
As you watch the DVDs, try to imagine yourself doing the exercises (you might even want to practice a few!). Ask yourself some basic questions:
Is the workout challenging?
Does the instructor motivate you? 
Is the music inspiring or grating?
Does the program require space or equipment you don’t have?
Would you look forward to this exercise?
After you’ve tried out a few programs and picked one or two you like and feel you could do on a regular basis, you may want to buy the DVDs from your favorite local or online bookstore.
Buddy Up
No matter what fitness DVD you ultimately use, you can supplement your solitary exercise with online support.  In the NutriSystem bulletin board fitness section, you’ll find other members there who can give you support and fitness suggestions. You may even be able to find an exercise buddy!
Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program.