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More April Foods!
More news from the food front
Last time, we shared some exciting news about a whole new batch of food selections that will be coming your way this month. Hopefully your mouths are watering, and you’re all pumped to taste the delectable new snacks and entrees making their way to our menu.

Check out the new foods here!

Now, we’ve got more food news to share. No, we’re not adding any new foods quite yet (keep an eye out, though). But we do have a few changes coming to some of the existing ones. Now, don’t start panicking—it’s all good news that will not only make your taste buds happy, but your weight loss plan as well.

A Fond Farewell

Unfortunately, we had to retire a few foods to make room for all of our delicious new selections. The good news is, the list of retired foods is very small. And we know that the changes we’ve made, as well as the ones we’ll be making in the near future, will make these small sacrifices all worthwhile.

In order to make room for some new sure-to-be favorites, we’ve discontinued three items from our Select line of fresh-frozen items: from our lunch menu, the Toasted Ham & Cheese, and from our dessert menu, the Fudge Swirl and Caramel Sundaes.

As we say goodbye to these retired items, keep in mind that there are always new and exciting menu options on the horizon. And you’ll hear about them here first!

Better Than Ever

Now, it’s time for the good news! We’ve reformulated some of your current favorites to keep them more in line with the high nutritional and taste standards you’ve come to expect from Nutrisystem. Fortunately, there’s been no sacrifice when it comes to flavor; we’ve made these changes not only to benefit both your taste buds, but also your body.

One of our recent goals has been to reduce the amount of sodium in many of our Nutrisystem® entrees and snacks. And we’ve taken the first step toward that goal with some of these new reformulations, along with reducing the amount of sugar and fat in some of our other items.

Here are the foods that will be seeing some changes this month:

Select Breakfast
Homestyle Pancakes—Enjoy the classic taste of this breakfast favorite, now with a lower sugar content.

Breakfast Burrito—Start your day with this spicy breakfast burrito, now featuring lower sodium to keep your program in tip-top shape.

Garden Vegetable Omelet—Wake up to a delicious dose of veggies with this awesome omelet and its improved blend of tasty vegetables.

Turkey Ham & Cheese Omelet—It’s a classic taste combination that everyone loves, now with turkey ham for an even lower low-fat breakfast meal.

Select Lunch
Chicken Quesadilla—Enjoy this spicy Southwestern classic with a perfect blend of chicken and veggies, and a new, lower-sodium content.

Chicken Fajita Melt—Spice up your menu with this flavor-filled lunch treat, which features an even lower fat content, along with a delicious new crust.

Steak & Cheese Melt—Savor the taste of your favorite Philly cheesesteak in this delicious, diet-friendly lunch entrĂ©e—now, with a tasty new crust and even lower in fat.

Select Dessert
Ice Cream Sandwich—Indulge with this ice cream dream, with a great new taste and a whole new look!

Enjoy our new and improved entrees, and take pleasure in knowing that now they’re better for you than ever. And be on the lookout for even more new foods coming in the months ahead!