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Calling All Cooks and Food Lovers!
Nutrisystem introduces all-new Recipe Center
At Nutrisystem, food is paramount: preparing it, enjoying it and sharing it. That’s why we’ve launched an all-new Recipe Center in our online Community Section.

“It’s all about the food,” explains Sharon Tate, Nutrisystem Vice-President of Food Development & Quality. “We wanted to create a place within the community to highlight all food. We wanted to give our members options that can help them reach their weight loss goals and make Nutrisystem a way of life—beyond just a diet.”

Celebrated chef contributions

The newly-updated Recipe Center gives Nutrisystem members an easy way to submit program-friendly recipes and also a place for Nutrisystem consultants to offer nutritionally-approved, “Nutrisystem Kitchen” recipes you can create at home. As part of that initiative, the company has called on an international culinary consultant, Claudia Sutherland, to help facilitate the additions.

Claudia has already added several recipes, including an Asian Tuna Wrap, Chicken Salad Stuffed Apple and Banana Almond Skyr Shake. Some utilize Nutrisystem® entrees as their base; others are great sides or meal addition options. You can find out how to make them plus more in the section of the Recipe Center called “From the Nutrisystem Kitchen.” Some of the recipes are easy to prepare, while others are a little more complicated. Still, with Claudia’s clear, step-by-step directions, the recipes with a few more steps will be no problem for you to make, even if you’re a cooking novice.

One of the best things about these chef-inspired recipes is that many are portioned to serve four, which means they can be a delicious and healthy addition to your family’s dinner table. (Of course, all of Claudia’s recipes are created to fit into the Nutrisystem® program).

Members’ recipes highlighted

Nutrisystem has recognized that while some of our members love the convenience and portability of the Nutrisystem program, others actually miss being in the kitchen, cooking and sharing their recipe ideas. The Recipe Center is an ideal resource for them.

The Recipe Center now features member-submitted recipes you can feel confident about making, because they’re all approved by a Nutrisystem Registered Dietitian before being posted.

“The Recipe Center is a terrific enhancement to our program, giving our talented members the chance to share some of their creative recipes with the entire online community,” says Mary Gregg, Director, Nutrition and Dietary Services Department at Nutrisystem. Mary agrees it is great fun to try new recipes, too. In fact, she says, “I’ve already made a note of a couple of the recipes I want to make myself!”

A number of the recipes from our members have already been submitted, approved and posted on the site, and more are coming in all the time…be sure to check them out. While you’re at it, post some recipes of your own—simple and more complicated—that will fit into the Nutrisystem program.

Searching the Center

Looking for a recipe in the Nutrisystem Recipe Center is easy. You can search by meal occasion or by a featured Nutrisystem entrĂ©e. Want a chicken recipe? That’s no problem! Simply enter the food in the main search menu, and all of the approved recipes will appear. In the Advanced Search feature, you can narrow down your searches by any dietary restrictions you or your family may have. Once the recipes are displayed, you’ll be able to see exactly how each dish fits into your Nutrisystem meal plan.

The key with the Recipe Center is to keep checking back frequently. Every couple of weeks, a new “Nutrisystem Kitchen” recipe will be featured, and member recipes are constantly being submitted, approved and added to the site. Plus, if you already love to cook, why not submit some of your own Nutrisystem-friendly recipes? If it’s approved by our Dietary staff, it will be posted in the Recipe Center with your user name, so you get all the credit!.