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Marie-motivated kindergarten teacher loses 94 lbs.*

I felt totally and completely stuck.

I had yo-yoed in my weight up and down all through my life, from the time I struggled as an overweight child. I would use food to deal with the challenges in my life. And so through the years, my health had dwindled and my weight had increased. I kind of lost weight and gained weight through the years but not in large amounts; it was just one of those things that continued throughout my life.

I knew that I needed to make a change in my lifestyle, but I felt trapped by life's screaming demands and the monumental challenge it would be to lose the unhealthy weight my body was carrying, change my mindset about food and eating, and still do everything my busy life required. Nutrisystem was something that was in the back of my mind through the years, mainly because I have great respect for Marie Osmond. I’ve always respected her and valued her as an authentic person. So Images of Marie visited my mind now and again; her Nutrisystem commercials were intriguing and tempting. Was it really as easy and delicious as she said? I wondered. Yet I continued to stay stuck, not even looking into Nutrisystem.

My moment of decision came in October of 2011. I'd reached the abyss. At age 52, I couldn’t be as active as I wanted to be. By nature, I’m a very active person—I teach kindergarten so I’m down on the floor, moving about with the children; I also love to be active with my husband and sons. And as my weight increased, I wasn’t able to be as active; and I wasn’t able to be as active without pain.

I knew my back and feet issues were probably weight-related, but I couldn't see over the edge of the abyss in which I found myself. I kept thinking of Marie smiling, suggesting that I try Nutrisystem, but we couldn't shell out money to buy food I simply didn't have the time or self-discipline to prepare. Marie's image faded away as my husband Jeff lovingly held me in his arms and asked me, "What's wrong?" He knew I was unhappy, but had no idea why. I took a chance and opened my heart to him. I told him how much I despised myself and the weight I was carrying, and that I felt so unhealthy. He listened patiently, and then asked me what I was thinking of doing about it. I took a breath and shared my thoughts.

3 important words

Life was busy and I knew I needed to do more than lose weight; I needed to get at the root of my weight problem. But how could I do both and remain sane? I told him that I needed a weight loss plan free from meetings and easy, little-thought-required meals I didn't have to fuss over. "So, what are you thinking?" he prodded. "I was thinking about Nutrisystem." I said, quickly adding, "but it's probably way too expensive and I can't ask that of our family." He said three beautiful, life-changing words: "Check it out!"

He handed me my iPad, having already gotten the Nutrisystem website up and running. I was amazed. The price wasn’t what I'd envisioned—it was actually very affordable! As I perused the well-organized website, I started to feel a little less stuck. This was not only an easy weight-loss program grounded on a solid nutritional foundation, it also had amazing options for support any way I needed it—I could be as private or as public in my support as I wanted, and I could access that support 24/7, even before the food reached my home!

Getting “unstuck”

I signed up immediately, and finally felt a glimmer of hope. I started using Nutrisystem's awesome support that very day. I was still overweight and had a long way to go, but I was finally unstuck! A few days later, my big brown box arrived and I really didn’t know what to expect. But I thought, I hope the food is delicious because I just bought a big box of it. And when I started to eat it, it was! I did expect when I first started that I would be hungry, but I wasn’t. Part of the Nutrisystem plan is you eat everything on plan for the day and at first I thought, this seems like a lot. But I’m a direction-follower, so I followed the plan and I was amazed at how very comfortable I felt and how satisfied I felt.

So I officially launched into a life-changing few months—through the perils and pitfalls of holiday eating, a cruise, and the ongoing stresses of life's daily demands. I navigated through others tempting me to eat things I knew weren't good for me by following Nutrisystem's convenient, smart plan and knowing that every day, I would have my dessert and eat it, too! (I’m a woman, so when I saw the amount of chocolate in the desserts, I was beyond delighted.)

I lost weight through it all. Pound after pound seemed to melt off with very little effort and no hunger. That’s because Nutrisystem is really easy and extremely convenient: as a busy educator, I am in last-minute meetings and running from one place to the other, but I knew that I can eat Nutrisystem at any moment’s notice or to plan ahead. In addition, I was empowered by the Daily Dose and Mindset Makeover pieces that gave me honest, healthy, useful information, and I was encouraged by the Nutrisystem community.

Exercise was the next hurdle. I knew it was a vital tool to my complete health and well-being, but once again, life seemed to crowd it out. Nutrisystem made it as painless as possible, helping me to realize that building activity back into my life is just another change in my mindset. Taking baby steps, I was led from a sedentary life of physical pain to running a half-marathon! I feel great—no more pain! Losing weight and exercising made the difference: I lost 94 lbs.,* I am a happy, healthy person again and I feel years younger!

Experiencing an evolution

When I first noticed Nutrisystem was working, my clothes started to fit a little looser. I was the first one to notice because I felt different. Actually, I felt different inside because I was eating better things. You don’t have to really shout it from the rooftops—when you look good and you feel good, people notice. And people would say to me, “You know you really need to lose those pants and go get a smaller size” or “Oh, are you losing weight?” It was just an amazing experience to experience this evolution.

In fact, most people don’t recognize me at first. The schoolchildren (who call me “Mrs. O”) will look at me with surprise and say, “Mrs. O?” Their parents and people who I haven’t seen in years will also comment on how they think I look fantastic, too. And the amazing thing is I not only look fantastic, I feel fantastic!

My Nutrisystem journey has been beyond what I could have hoped for; it was the best decision I’ve made to get my life back. It used to be I would look in the mirror at the beginning of the day—and if I didn’t look into a mirror the rest of the day, everything was great. I was so unhappy in my skin. And now when I look in the mirror, I see someone who’s truly happy and I believe that that the real me is shining through. And I would definitely have to say that now that I’m happy in my own skin—and it feels great!


*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated.