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Success Stories
Married to weight loss
Ann loses 45 lbs.* with her husband Erich
In 2010, I was approaching my 40th birthday and was going through a rough time. Infertility issues. Losing our dog, who was our baby, to illness. Going home to an empty house was heart-wrenching. My world collapsed. Out of desperation and misery, I turned to food for comfort. I would plop on the couch with a bag of chips or a half-gallon of ice cream and continue eating until I reached the bottom. I pretty much self-medicated with food and encouraged my husband Erich to do so: when he came home, we would eat a fattening dinner, and then head straight to bed. Eating and sleeping were how we pretended to find comfort.

Plus, being a teacher, I had all summer to eat throughout the day and night and very little to distract me from my new addiction. Soon enough, August approached and Erich and I took a last-minute trip to Florida. Once we got back from vacation, I looked at the pictures and was beyond humiliated at how our figures had exploded! Wanting to lose weight, but finding more excuses than motivation, I actually gained more weight.

School of hard knocks

Upon returning to work in the fall, I received notification from the district that there would be a mandatory health screening for insurance coverage. If passed, I would receive a credit towards the cost of benefits. The screening covered blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI and weight. I’ll never forget that screening as long as I live! I was so anxious that I broke out in hives. How could I be forced to stand on a scale and have my body fat measured at work? It was so intrusive and personal.

It was an even worse experience than I’d anticipated. The nurse actually took my blood pressure three times. She kept saying, “I think the machine is broken.” My blood pressure was that high. I weighed in at 210 pounds; the BMI categorized me as being obese. And I was stuck in a room with my colleagues—how humiliating!

After that screening, I went to my room, broke down and cried. In the meantime, my colleagues were saying things like, “My BMI is so low” or “I didn’t realize I was that skinny.” So I had to lie and tell them that my BMI was less than what it was—simply because I was humiliated. I was an emotional mess. My closest friend at work even suggested maybe getting a substitute and going home.

Getting fit together

After that experience, I knew I had to do something. The district offered a discount for a diet program that included meetings, but I am a busy person and don’t have time to attend them. Luckily, they also offered a corporate discount on Nutrisystem. So I told Erich I wanted to give it a try. He wrinkled his nose and said, “You know the food is going to taste terrible!” I rebutted with, “But there’s a money back guarantee!” I latched onto the idea that I would be turning forty in May and wanted to be “Fabulous in my Forties!”

Within a few days, my shipment arrived and I began my transformation to fabulous. I’m a very picky eater, and I was able to find more than enough foods that I could enjoy. And after smelling the food, Erich was caught with his fingers in my plate on more than one occasion! Before I knew it, he was sharing entire meals and then ordering Nutrisystem. With everything being so scrumptious, we questioned how this could be a weight loss plan.

The convenience of Nutrisystem was definitely very important to us. For me, I liked being able to plan my meals ahead; plus, having lunch and breakfast bars in my purse was so convenient to be able to eat on-the-go. And together Erich and I live a very busy lifestyle. We also run a small business, so time is definitely of the essence for us. And we tend to be late eaters because he gets home late from work. So it’s nothing for us to eat dinner at nine, ten o’clock. So it works out really well. It was very convenient just to pull something out of the pantry or out of the freezer and just pop it in the microwave. And no dishes to wash! Nutrisystem was just one of the most convenient things I’ve ever done.

It was really affordable, too. So many people asked me about Nutrisystem, and they were always too afraid that it costs too much money and said that they couldn’t afford it. And I cannot stress enough that ordering Nutrisystem is going to help your health; and, besides, it’s actually cheaper to order it rather than go to the grocery store. In fact, being able to order Nutrisystem was so much more cost effective for us that I set up a separate fund; we called it the ‘fat vacation fund,’ to be used when we were no longer fat and could go on vacation with the extra money. Well, with the money we saved, Erich and I went on a fabulous trip to Jamaica, Negril!

I began Nutrisystem in October of 2010 and by May of 2011 (when I turned 40) I had shed 45 pounds*! The following year, I passed my entire health screening and I am no longer labeled obese! (Fabulous, indeed!) And Erich lost 74 pounds.*—he looks even more gorgeous than the day I married him.

A new life

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I have a whole new outlook on life. I know how to choose my food wisely and care about what I eat. Plus, I never used to exercise. Thanks to my weight loss, I had the courage and energy to join a gym, and I got into CrossFitting, which is a very rigorous workout. Before Nutrisystem, I never would have dreamed of walking a 5K and now I RUN them! I feel better than ever!

There is no greater feeling than being able to go in and not have to go into the plus size section anymore. I’m able to wear size medium shirts, sometimes even small. And I never was able to wear designer jeans, and now I can. So when I get up and get dressed in the morning, picking out clothes is so much more fun; even just doing my hair and getting ready is just awesome.

In fact, when I look in the mirror now compared to when I was overweight, I see a whole new person. I see a confident person, one who no longer hides behind her desk while teaching at school. I’m not afraid to get out and mix and mingle with people. I can definitely show who I truly am instead of hiding behind the fat and all the clothes—and that’s priceless, because self-confidence isn’t something you can buy. I’ll always appreciate Nutrisystem for changing my life and allowing me to find happiness within myself!


*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program.