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Starting Over
Christine loses 55 lbs.*, becomes role model for her daughters
I’ve always been challenged by weight loss. I’m Italian, so our family, of course, loves to eat. I was heavy in high school, but through the years I worked slowly to lose the weight a little bit at a time by myself. But after having two children and then going through a divorce, I pretty much suppressed my emotions by eating as I was reaching my forties.

Plus, I’m a supervisor, and I noticed that I’d begin to wear my same black pants and black suit jacket most days of the week and just change the tops in between. I stayed in my office more when I really should have been out on the floor supervising what was going on during the day.

I didn’t go out with my friends much anymore, either. And at home I became less visible, too. For example, I would usually wait until night to cut the grass because I didn’t really want people driving by to see what I looked like in shorts. And I wasn’t as active with my kids, either. Overall, I just became very depressed and a little bit introverted, which is unlike me. I decided that something needed to be done.

No thought, no time, no problem!

One day I was lying in bed flipping through TV channels and an infomercial for Nutrisystem came on. I watched it for quite a long time and I was amazed by the transformation shown in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and also by listening to the testimonials. They seemed like ordinary people and I felt that a lot of them were like me. I knew this was it and I made that phone call.

In doing so, I thought that I’d avoid repeating what hadn’t worked before. I had tried weight loss programs where I had to go in once a week, weigh in and listen to the meeting. But with my busy schedule with working all day and then coming home and taking care of my kids, it was challenging to drive to the site. I’d get there and listen—and then I’d think about everything else I should be doing at that time. So that’s why weight loss didn’t work that well for me.

That’s exactly why I knew Nutrisystem would work for me—because I wouldn’t have to put much thought or time into my weight loss. And once I got my first order, that’s what I experienced. I really enjoyed Nutrisystem because it was straightforward, convenient and easy to follow: you just follow the meal plan and pick the food that you desire that day. For example, I was able to pack my lunch the night before, decide what I was in the mood for, grab my food, take it with me, and pair it up with my vegetable and fruit and eat it right in the lunchroom after heating it up in the microwave. So Nutrisystem was really manageable for someone like me, who is busy being a mom with a career.

As a result, within the first month of starting Nutrisystem, I lost a decent amount of weight. And since I wore the same suit quite frequently, I was able to start wearing smaller sizes. That’s when I started receiving compliments from the gentlemen in the office. (I work with all men.) Plus, one weekend I was at an event and I saw a girl who I hadn’t seen in many years. I waived to her and she gave me the subtle “Hi,” and I just had a feeling she didn’t recognize me. So I went up to introduce myself and she said, “Oh my God! It’s you!” and hugged me. When I started getting reactions and compliments like this, I felt reassured that what I was doing was working.

Like mother, like daughters

Well, after losing 55 pounds* on Nutrisystem, my confidence is back to where it used to be. Shopping for clothes has been more enjoyable, that’s for sure. I’ve been able to eliminate most elastic, which is great; now I can find clothes that actually fit my body instead of trying to cover it up as much. And I really enjoy more colors now instead of black every day, as well as the overall variety of things that I can actually fit into.

The best reward, though, was when my daughters Autumn and Payten told me how proud they are of me. They’ll come downstairs now and, if I’m doing an exercise video, will ask me the name of the exercise I’m doing and then they try to pick up the small dumbbells and try to work out. And Autumn, my 12-year-old, tells me how she wants to eat healthy. She’s in good shape now and I’m glad she sees that I’m an example for her

Starting over with a smile

I really wanted to be “40 and fit” when I turned 40 last year, and I met that goal. And I want to continue. I know it gets harder as you age and, like I said, I really would just like to be a role model for my kids, and continue feeling great and being a motivator for other people.

The biggest change for me was just starting over. With age, you do see changes in your physical features and changes with friends, family and just life in general. So this experience has really been a confidence booster for me and I am now really living how I want to. And having that new, fresh feeling on life and feeling confident again is priceless!


*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program.