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I “Hart” Nutrisystem
Model, actress and new mom Angie Everhart dishes on why Nutrisystem worked for her

Lounging on the couch with her baby boy Kayden, Angie’s contentment is simply contagious. It seems as though this supermodel turned super mom’s life has taken a new turn, and from the way her face lights up every time she looks at her son, it’s obvious she’s enjoying the ride.

“He’s fantastic! He’s really the easiest baby in the world. I took him to a photo shoot yesterday, and he didn’t cry once! I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I am.”

From gracing major magazine covers and shining on the silver screen, to pulling double duty as a single mom who prefers to do it all when it comes to Kayden (you won’t find an army of child care professionals behind this Hollywood mom), you’d think the glam life is long gone for Angie. But even though this hands-on mom has new priorities, she hasn’t completely forgotten her former fab lifestyle.

“We recently baptized Kayden on a private beach in Malibu. It was the most gorgeous day of the year, and we took him and baptized him right in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific. It was something I’ll never forget.” And who were the lucky godparents? “Prince Andrew (of England) and my best friend Sheryl. My days may have changed, but my friends definitely haven’t.” Seems like stunning model looks aren’t the only thing that has stuck with this beauty.

And when it comes to that famous face and fabulous figure she’s known for, Angie does admit that she’s recently had some help…from Nutrisystem! After welcoming Kayden into the world in 2009, Angie turned to Nutrisystem to help her regain her trademark physique, and dropped 34 lbs.* on program to look picture perfect once again.

Not Just Another Diet Fad

For someone whose career revolves around looking her best, hanging onto that extra baby weight was just not an option. Plus, with the celeb baby boom these days, it seems like Hollywood moms are under even more pressure than ever to bounce back to their pre-baby bodies…and fast.

So, with all of the fad diets and secret insider tricks that are notorious in Tinseltown, what was it about Nutrisystem that caught Angie’s attention?

“I’ve been modeling since I was 15, and believe me, models know every diet trick in the book. But being a single mom at 40, I didn’t want any more ‘tricks.’ And I definitely didn’t want to starve myself; I wanted to lose weight the healthy way. So, I tried Nutrisystem.

“They honestly have it all figured out. There’s absolutely no guesswork. It’s good food, it’s healthy, and it’s so easy. While I’m making the baby’s food, I microwave my own in minutes. When I’m at work or on the run, I grab a meal right out of my bag. It’s the perfect go-anywhere diet. I just pick what I want, eat it, and lose the weight.”*

That’s 34 lbs.* and counting to be exact! Looks like Nutrisystem was the perfect fit for this new mom.

Full of Surprises

We know what you’re thinking: “Angie Everhart—someone who could have a personal trainer, chef and a team of professionals helping her lose weight—followed the same program, ate the same food, and experienced the same trials and triumphs as I did?” Well, believe it. She did, and she’s not afraid to say so.

“People ask me all the time how I lost the weight. I tell them—Nutrisystem. And the first question I get is, ‘Did you really eat the food?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I ate the food; it was amazing, and I lost the weight. Simple as that.’”

Angie does admit, “I had the same hesitations about the food as a lot of people. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. Well, I didn’t like it…I LOVED it! Especially the fresh-frozen foods from the Nutrisystem® Select® line. This definitely isn’t the same Nutrisystem that people remember from years and years ago. It’s so delicious; I couldn’t believe I could lose weight eating things like Lasagna and Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese (I love Mac & Cheese!). And I have a huge sweet tooth, but I used to swear off candy or chocolate—not on Nutrisystem; I ate chocolate every day! The meals were so satisfying that I wasn’t ever hungry, and I never even felt like I was dieting.”

When it comes to weight loss, it’s all about what works for you. And being able to eat what you love is a big part of it. But the best part, according to Angie, is “never having to think about it. For years, it was all about me, but now my son is my number one priority. I do everything for him, and my needs come second. So with Nutrisystem, having everything already done for me made all the difference. I could focus all of my attention on Kayden while knowing Nutrisystem was taking care of me.”

A Model Mom

For a girl who has always loved to eat, but spent her life watching every bite she took, Nutrisystem really opened Angie’s eyes to what healthy living can and should be like, and it’s a lesson she is more than happy to keep with her.

“It’s part of my business to look good, and I think the pressure is on even more now as society is changing. You know, women at 40 aren’t like they were ten years ago; people are getting younger and younger mentalities. So being in the beauty business, you really have to make that part of your lifestyle.

“With Nutrisystem, the portions and food groups I ate on program are what I should stick to on an everyday basis, so I not only learned what, but how much, I should be eating to stay healthy.

“These days you go into a restaurant and you see dishes with these humungous mounds of food. We’ve grown up being told to eat everything on your plate, so you have that mentality. But on Nutrisystem, you find that you’re eating enough food (I ate 5 meals a day—before I had never eaten 5 meals a day—ever), you’re not hungry and you can actually see the amount of food you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Now that Angie has a hold on healthy eating habits, how does she think it will affect her parenting style when it comes to food?

“I don’t want to be a mom who gives my kids potato chips all the time, you know? I want my son to eat healthy. Children need to learn how to eat right, and it starts with the parents. If the parents are eating fast food and Twinkies®, and they are giving their kids fast food and Twinkies®, the whole family is going to have a problem. But if the parents are on Nutrisystem, losing weight and learning how to eat right, it tends to trickle down. If you have carrots in your fridge, then you give your kids carrots, too.”

That’s the truth. And with her new healthier outlook on life, mom and baby are set to have many more happy, healthy years together.

Joining the Nutrisystem Fan Club

So now that she’s joined the list of inspiring Nutrisystem success stories, what advice would Angie give others?

“The two most important tips to me are 1.) to trust the program, and 2.) set achievable goals. Don’t keep focusing on that end goal that may seem so far away; set a goal that you can reach. And when you do reach it, immediately set a new goal for yourself that you can work toward. Because those small steps really add up.”

Sounds like this former fashion model has finally found lasting success and discovered the secret to staying fit the healthy way, thanks to Nutrisystem. “I believe in the program because it worked for me, and I truly think anyone can lose weight and get back in shape with Nutrisystem. I’m a fan for life!”

*Results not typical. When you follow the Nutrisystem program, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week.

On Nutrisystem, you add in fresh grocery items.

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