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Mark: His Words
Roofer nails his weight loss, loses 22 lbs.*
I’m a typical guy. I never really thought much about losing weight. When my pants got a little too tight or when I needed to drop a few pounds, I skipped a couple meals, cut down my beer intake and ran harder when I shot hoops with my friends four times a week. It worked— but the weight always came back (probably because I’d compensate by eating a huge amount of food at dinnertime, which was probably the absolute wrong thing to do now that I look back on it). Yet I did this for years. It was a constant cycle.

In fact, both my wife Christie and I have always been very active—and yet our weights have fluctuated up and down over the years. It always seemed like one of us was high when the other was low and that put a damper on our fun: it’s hard to cut loose when one person or the other is feeling uncomfortable.

Swiping the ‘system

Well, in late 2010, I watched Christie lose weight with Nutrisystem while eating great smelling food right next to me. Every time I turned around, she was eating again. How could that be? I watched her eat blueberry muffins, pasta, pizza, and cookies and she still lost weight. And the food looked good. I mean, REALLY good.

In contrast, I used to skip breakfast or buy something to eat at 7-11 on the way to my construction office. So I started stealing her Blueberry Muffins. (Conveniently, I leave for work at 5 a.m.) Then it escalated. One morning, while I was nabbing another Blueberry Muffin, I grabbed a Nutrisystem bar for lunch. However, it was dark and I couldn’t tell what it was. When I got to work, I read the label: Trail Mix Bar. That could be grounds for divorce in my household—I'm surprised my wife didn't have those bars locked up with the Thick Crust Pizzas she wouldn’t share.

Well, she finally asked me if I was taking her food and I confessed. My defense: I couldn’t help myself because it was really tasty. At that point, I started begging for bites of her dinner instead. Man, if looks could kill! She gave up and started making me my own Nutrisystem® dinners, and eventually it made sense to order a box of my own.

Losing his shirt (in a good way)

It was quite simple and convenient to do, actually. The simple part of it was pretty well spelled out for you. It wasn’t just like you could only eat this and then you had to wait till lunch and then dinner and not eat again. I liked the fact that you could have grocery foods in between the Nutrisystem® food. Everything was simple.

That simplicity really helped on the job. As a commercial roofer, I spend long hours on job sites. I don’t have time to sit down and make a production out of eating. So whereas before Nutrisystem, I grabbed lunch at fast food joints or gas stations, the Nutrisystem lunch bars and afternoon snacks kept me out of the drive-through windows. And in my office, I’ve just got a microwave—but that’s all I needed; it was simple to make any of the hot Nutrisystem foods. Even when I’d go to the gym, I could take Nutrisystem food with me.

Nutrisystem’s ease and convenience are what really sold me on the plan, but dropping weight kept me on it. I started noticing my weight loss on the basketball court. I’ve played “shirts versus skins” ball four times a week for the past thirty years. However, as I got older and put on weight, I was embarrassed to take off my shirt. Guess who now volunteers to be “skins?” After losing 22 pounds*, I'm proud to go shirtless and run around the court with guys who are half my age. At age 55, I'm running circles around them!

A penny saved

I found that the price was right, too. I do all the shopping in my house and, since there are just two of us in the house, we would go out to dinner a lot. And it’s hard to cook just for two people, so we were spending a lot of money for the two of us out to dinner and then wasting a lot of food. In fact, I soon realized that, by buying Nutrisystem, I would spend a lot less money at the store because I didn’t have to stock much food in the fridge, much of which I’d eventually throw out anyway because it would go bad.

So I still eat the food now, even after I did reach my goal. I just like it; it tastes good and it’s convenient. Plus, I also learned a lot about portion size by eating the food. Now, when we’re not at home eating Nutrisystem food, I still look at how large the amount of food is that we would be going to eat when we go out. And it’s really taught me that portion size is extremely important, and that’s what works. That was a very good lesson to learn.

The “Nutrisystem Notch”

Nutrisystem has actually become a pretty simple lifestyle for the two of us. I don’t think about it very much anymore; I know she doesn’t—we just have kind of gotten into that ‘Nutrisystem notch’ where we continue on with the program during the week and then we eat regularly on the weekend, which allows us to have some fun and still go out and do things with friends without worrying about it—because we’ve both learned how to eat right. Overall, it’s really worked out really well for both of us: we’re both healthier than we have been in years and we love showing each other off. (Seriously, Christie looks hot—I mean, she looks really good.)

Me? Thanks to Nutrisystem, I feel younger, stronger and fitter. My energy is up and I’m even buying new belts and smaller pants; I feel great about how I look. To top it off, Christie loves how I look, too—and that’s always nice to hear!


*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program.