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Michelle’s Makeover
Mom of 3 girls loses an amazing 102 lbs.*
My weight journey has been a lifetime of ups and downs. However, after getting married and having kids, it was even worse—when you have kids, you tend to put yourself to the back burner.

By January 2011, I had decided that it was time to finally lose the weight and get in shape. My kids were getting a little bit older, which allowed me to take time for me. I’d hit 244 pounds and was having many health issues: because I was overweight, I had problems with my back and legs and I couldn’t exercise at all—I couldn’t swim very well and couldn’t run. In addition, I had developed very high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I was at risk for diabetes, which runs in my family. My dad had his first stroke in his 40's—I knew I was going down the same road.

The family history of illness really pushed me to act. My doctor pushed me, too. I actually got approval to get weight loss surgery but decided to try a different route instead. I actually had done Nutrisystem when I was younger and did very well on it (losing 50 pounds*) but I wasn’t as overweight at that time in my life. So I tried it again, hoping it would work even better.

Easy eating

For my first order, I got the “favorites” package, so I got a wide variety of different foods—which was good because it allowed me to taste things that I would not have normally ordered. Once I did try a variety of foods, I did eventually become a creature of habit by ordering the same foods that I loved every month.

Nutrisystem was very easy to follow as well. How much easier can it be when the UPS man brings the food right to my door? (The only thing that could be easier is if he unpacked it and put it all away for me!) All the boxes are color coded, too. I know what’s breakfast. I know what’s lunch. I know what’s dinner, and I know what’s a snack. I pack my food for the day, and for the week. There’s no guesswork. I know what I’m supposed to eat, and when I’m supposed to eat. It’s so easy.

However, the convenience is probably the best aspect of the program for me. Being able to bring my food with me, whether it’s on vacation, at work, in a meeting, is priceless. I just unwrap it, and it looks just like everybody else’s food. People don’t even know that it’s Nutrisystem. Plus, if I’m at the mall shopping and the kids want to eat somewhere that I particularly don’t want to eat, I just pull what I need out of my purse, and I eat what I’m supposed to be eating. And I feel good about it; I don’t have a guilty conscience about eating badly—because I don’t.

Keep up, kids!

Once I started the program and I was on it for a little while, I lost some weight. I found that once I lost those first couple of pounds, I was so excited that I just wanted to know what I was going to lose the next week. At one point, I actually thought my scale was broken. I actually went out and bought a new one because I didn’t think it was accurate. But then when I brought the new scale home and it was accurate, I was ecstatic.

Plus, once I started losing weight, I was able to finally start exercising. Now I run anywhere, up to five and ten miles per day. Better yet, everyday activities are much easier. Just playing with my kids, getting in and out of cars, walking in malls, taking stairs instead of elevators—it’s all easier. In fact, I look to take stairs now whenever I can. I even run the stairs. When walking with my kids, they’ll say, “Please slow down. You walk so fast.”

My kids aren’t the only ones experiencing a new me. Within a year, I lost 102 pounds*, so most people I know who see me on the street don’t even recognize me. However, they do know my voice. They’ll say, “I know I know you from somewhere, but I can’t place it.” And then, once I tell them who I am, the response is always along the lines of “Oh my goodness! You lost so much weight!”

Summer satisfaction

Getting dressed when you’re overweight is horrible. It’s an amazing difference for me to get dressed now. It’s fun to go through the closet and to go clothes shopping as opposed to before, when I’d ask, “Do I have to wear a black coat all day just so that they can’t see what’s underneath the coat?”

So I do like to wear fewer clothes now. There was a point when during the summer that I would never walk around with shorts on. Now I like to be in shorts and tanks and flip flops rather than being bundled up with coats and pants to be afraid to show my legs. I can actually shop in regular stores. I can even shop with my daughters, and we can pick out the same clothes. It’s pretty amazing.

Plus, I wore a very big bathing suit when I was overweight (and I actually still have it). But I wear a much smaller one now that I’m much more comfortable in. And I don’t have to have a wet skirt on that I’m swimming in that it feels like a parachute; I actually have a bathing suit on that dries. It’s a completely different feeling when you feel confident walking down the beach in a regular bathing suit rather than something that you’re hiding in. It makes me feel proud of who I am and how my body looks!

It’s just amazing that, at the age of 43, I am in the best shape of my life! I eat well, I exercise every day and, best of all, my three daughters are proud to say, “Yep that’s my mom!” I’ll always be thankful for the amazing change that Nutrisystem has made to my life.


*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program.