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Announcing the winners of the Now I Can $40,000 Nutrisystem Giveaway
With our latest giveaway, we asked how weight loss has changed your lives, and you answered us—big time!

Our Now I Can $40,000 Nutrisystem Giveaway was a rousing success, with your pictures and stories showing us what can truly be achieved and how lives can be changed through weight loss. Now, after sifting through hundreds of amazing entries, we’ve narrowed it down to our eight lucky $5,000 winners—and we’re ready to announce them right here!

Congrats to All!

But of course, anyone who entered is lucky—and we’d be remiss if we didn’t send out big congratulations to all of you, along with anyone else who has lost weight with Nutrisystem. You’ve taken a huge step toward changing your lives for the better—and we couldn’t be prouder of your success.

But let’s not keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the winners of the Now I Can $40,000 Nutrisystem Giveaway:

0-33 lbs. lost: Deirdre D. and Joseph W.
34-66 lbs. lost: Kimberly H. and Tony M.
67-99 lbs. lost: Jaclyn F. and Tucker A.
100+ lbs. lost: Marisa O. and Jason B.

(Please note: stories have been edited for length.)


“My weight struggle started when at age 30, I quit smoking. I started gaining weight and it seemed the older I became, the more I gained. I followed all kinds of different diets, only to gradually drift away from them—and gain the weight all over again. I could never maintain the loss.

One morning in late December, with my New Year’s resolution once again being ‘Lose weight and get in shape,’ I saw a Nutrisystem commercial and thought, ‘What the heck!’ So I checked it out online. It was very affordable, so I placed my order right away.

I loved the variety, I loved that no food group was excluded and I loved the food—especially all the chocolate choices to cater to my sweet tooth! And now, with all I have learned from Nutrisystem, when I cook and bake I use whole wheat breads and pastas, lean meats, low fat and low salt ingredients. I have re-learned to cook and bake amazing food that I can happily eat for life”


“I had gained weight after beginning full-time use of a wheelchair. My multiple sclerosis had progressed to such an extent that I was no longer able to walk. My physical exercise days—which had always been important to me— were over. I didn’t feel the need to dramatically change my eating habits, and as a result, my weight slowly increased. I felt as though there was nothing I could do about it.

I finally saw a Nutrisystem TV ad featuring Terry Bradshaw. I’m sure I had seen the ad before, but on that day, I heard him say, ‘You will lose weight,’ with new ears. Something clicked, and soon afterwards, I placed my first order for Nutrisystem.

The meals and the desserts are delicious! I go to bed feeling full, and I wake up in the morning looking forward to the day’s meals. Now that I have experienced some positive results, I feel better equipped to approach weight management the same way I have approached the other areas of my life affected by MS—by being empowered and in control.”


“I was constantly being bullied as a child due to my weight. During my pre-teens, I became very active and started slimming down. But a bad ankle injury in high school was the beginning of my downward spiral. I had no mobility so I sat and munched on chips, cookies, candy and soda while my weight steadily climbed, and my health became questionable.

I grew up watching Marie Osmond and knew she suffered weight issues, and was amazed at her transformation on Nutrisystem. My husband asked if I was interested in trying it, and after saying yes, he told me to place an order. I was amazed at how convenient and easy it was—and I was going to get desert, too!

I became, and still am, an active member of the Nutrisystem online community, making friends, joining challenges, talking with people, learning what to eat and even developing a love for vegetables. My story proves that you should never say ‘never.’ Yes you can become a Nutrisystem Success Story!”


“I realized it had been some time since I participated in any real exercise. So, I excavated my shorts and tennis shoes from the closet, knowing that shortly I’d be back to running 10K races. But my legs did not respond. I gazed into the mirror and saw every ounce of 225 pounds bulging off my frame. Something had to be done.

I had recently run into an old college friend who had lost weight with Nutrisystem, so Nutrisystem got the nod to help me transcend back to health and vigor. And thanks to the ease of Nutrisystem and the encouragement to follow a regular exercise routine, I dropped 46 lbs.*

Nutrisystem provided a plan that is easy to follow, with a wide variety of meals and snacks to choose from. My real reward for sharing this story is the hope that it may encourage at least one other individual to become as healthy and full of energy as I am today. The changes, both physical and mental, will draw a lot of attention, so practice humility while you lose!”


“My journey began three and a half years ago after the birth of my fourth daughter. I was more than 75 lbs. overweight and made a conscious decision to take hold of where I was going with my health. My first step was to start over and learn how I should be feeding my body.

I signed up with Nutrisystem and was dedicated 100% from day one. I used all the tools that were provided, from the Welcome Kit to the website. There is a huge amount of support given; you just have to utilize it. People who know me see my dedication and my results and are amazed. It feels great to be an inspiration to people.

Nutrisystem was the first stepping stone to me reclaiming my life. I have always recommended Nutrisystem to people who ask how I did it. I am thrilled to be a great role model to my four young daughters as they see me as a happy, vibrant and fit mom.”


“When I started medical school I did not think that my weight was a problem; I just thought it would be good to lose a few pounds to look better. After I started learning about all the negative effects of poor diet and lack of exercise, I knew I had to do something to prevent myself from doing irreparable damage to my body.

Nutrisystem was exactly what I needed to change my perception of food, and start my transformation. It took all the guesswork out, and helped educate me about calories and the nutritional content of food. Now I can fit in clothes I never thought I would be able to, I can exercise without feeling tired the whole time and I can eat normal healthy portions without feeling cheated.

Now I can walk into a patient's room, tell them the harmful ramifications of an unhealthy lifestyle, and show them that change is possible. I even carry my old driver's license around just to prove it to people. I truly think Nutrisystem was the only way I could have started this process, and I am thankful.”


“I have been overweight my whole life. After a friend’s wedding, I looked through the pictures of myself and broke down. I saw Terry Bradshaw on a late night talk show, and he talked about Nutrisystem, so I ordered it. I made a promise to myself to stick with the program for at least one full year; I owed myself that much.

I didn’t even need a week to know that Nutrisystem works! It taught me portion control, structure, and taught me the healthiest foods to eat to keep myself satisfied. I learned to eat vegetables, which I never did before. And I have learned so much from the tools on the Nutrisystem website along with advice, knowledge, and support from fellow Nutrisystem community.

Now I am out there socializing like I have never done before. I am confident at work and out in public. Every day is a better day knowing that I am healthy, happy and confident. I am getting married next year, and thanks to Nutrisystem, I can be the healthy, beautiful bride that I am meant to be!”


“When my wife and I decided we wanted to have a second child I knew that something had to change. I couldn't imagine not being there for my wife and kids simply because I wouldn't take care of myself. So I did some research and came to the conclusion that Nutrisystem was the right choice for me.

Because of my weight I had to give up things I loved, like playing golf and other sports. But the more weight I lost the more active I became. I got to start playing the sports I loved again and I was always looking for new things to try. One of the things I wanted to try was running, something I could have never imagined doing. And in May of 2012 I competed in my first 5k race.

But there is something far more important than numbers on a scale or races run, and that is my family. I know that I'm not just changing my life, but I'm changing my family's life, too. I want the choices I make today to have an impact long after I'm gone.”

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winners. Be on the lookout for the next of our big contests. It could be your turn to show us what you can do—and win big!

*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem® program.