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Missouri mom loses 35 lbs.*, keeps it off
I struggled with my weight after having my son Sammy almost six years ago. I gained around 60 pounds total from start to finish. When I got back from the hospital, I was blown away by what I saw on the scale—and then my husband John wanted to take me out for a nice dinner. But I had nothing to wear: everything was sweatpants, jumpsuits or my husband’s pajamas. So I went and bought a pair of pants (which were still too small for me) and coupled it with a girdle. I was so uncomfortable.

I lost some of that weight due to being active with my son. I’m a really fast-paced person, but moving around was definitely harder; I would get winded a lot easier. Running was really hard, too. My feet, my ankles, and especially my hips really hurt a lot. It was also hard to clean because getting around and sweeping, dusting, mopping—all the things you need to do when you have a little baby in the house—seemed harder to do because I was always winded.

Uncomfortable and unhappy

I was going to do something about it—and Nutrisystem was it! I had seen their commercials, so in January 2008 I ordered it online. When I got the food, I didn’t have any expectations because a) I didn’t know how the food would taste, and b) I didn’t know if I was going to adapt to it. When I started I figured that I’d give it a week to see if it worked—and it did. I lost three pounds during that first week* and all I was doing was eating!

However, I still kept myself hidden for at least the first two months because I still felt really self-conscious and uncomfortable. By late February into March, I decided I was going to buy my first pair of pants and start dressing like a “normal” person would—and that’s when I really noticed that Nutrisystem was doing something. Sure, I was still weighing myself, but you sometimes never know until your clothes tell you.

Food for thought

I like to eat, so I always thought you had to starve yourself to lose weight. Well, with Nutrisystem, I never felt like I was starving. Plus, I never felt like I was eating “cardboard” because it’s all really good—in fact, as somebody with a serious sweet tooth I must say, their sweets are amazing. I’ve heard people who have had fat-free or low-sugar chocolate, and they say it tastes like wax. Not Nutrisystem chocolate—it actually melts in your mouth! Chocolatey gooeyness!

The food is really convenient, too. Over the past two years, I went back to college, and I would go to school during some crazy hours, so Nutrisystem’s portability was a big plus for me. Sometimes I would be in a class during lunchtime, and I’d just pull out a bar and eat it there along with my cut carrots or fresh piece of fruit. We’ve all heard about The Freshman 15. Well, Nutrisystem makes it easy to avoid that problem!

And it’s great for moms as well. We’re usually running around like crazy, shuffling our kids to and fro, which makes it really easy to just make that stop at a fast food restaurant. We tend not to have a lot of time to ourselves, so we barely have enough time to actually sit down and eat a real meal. But with Nutrisystem, it’s all there. All you have to do is put it in your purse, and you’ve got lunch or you’ve got a snack. Everything is super portable. And there’s no guesswork, either. It’s all perfectly labeled, and it’s all perfectly portioned. So all you do is open up the package, stick the food in the microwave, grab some veggies and eat. Simple.

Trained to eat healthy

I actually learned how to eat better, too. I got used to eating yogurt every day. I got used to eating salads and vegetables and finding enjoyment in them. I even learned how to eat better at restaurants; I’d go outside of what I assumed would be good (French fries, hamburgers) and try the grilled vegetables or the steamed fish and found pleasure in healthy foods. Before that, I didn’t eat them. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I tried them—and I learned to love them!

That training continues with me today. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, I tend to reach for a bag of carrots. I know that sounds strange—I mean, who eats carrots instead of chips?—but you learn to really love healthy food. You learn that your choices affect your health.

Clothes confidence

When it comes to shopping at stores now, I don’t feel restrained by one store because I can go to Macy’s or Forever 21, and they’ll have my size because everything fits and I feel confident in it. So shopping is fun and exciting now: everything feels good to wear, from long dresses to short dresses, shorts, capris, all of it!

I feel confident. I feel beautiful. I feel free. I can wear a bikini, which I love—I don’t worry, “Oh, is that sticking out?” or “Do I really look bad in this?” because I know I look great. I wear tight-fitting clothing like jeans and dresses that are longer, and I feel good in them and know I look good in them. It’s liberating and I think that is tremendously sexy.  John loves seeing me happy, too. He loves seeing me confident; and he loves seeing me get dressed up. Plus, when we go out his guy friends say something to him about how I look (which he tells me), and that makes me feel like a million dollars!

Look, I think a lot of us women feel like we lose momentum after we have our children. We think that we can’t do it anymore. We feel like we’re old. Not me. I just went through a career change two years ago and I think that the confidence I found with Nutrisystem helped me achieve it. I lost weight, learned to eat healthy, stayed active, and am keeping the weight off. Life is great!

— Nicole

*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program.