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Success Stories
Half the Man He Used to Be
Jason loses an incredible 249 lbs.* on Nutrisystem
As a kid I was always big but never seriously overweight. I played sports and was pretty active, but was always the “big kid.” It wasn't until my college years that I really began to put on a lot of weight. So my weight is something I've always struggled with—but it has been a real problem the last 15 years or so.

When my wife Marcia and I decided we wanted to have a second child I knew that something had to change. I couldn't imagine not being there for my wife and kids simply because I wouldn't take care of myself. So I did some research and came to conclusion that Nutrisystem was the right choice for me. I knew that I needed something that would teach healthy eating and portion control—things that would set me up to succeed long-term.

We found out we were pregnant two weeks after I started Nutrisystem. I then set a goal that I wanted to lose 100 pounds in nine months.* Honestly, I didn't believe that it was possible, but I was committed to giving it my all for those nine months. On September 26, 2010 we welcomed our second daughter into the family and by that day I actually exceeded my goal!* This absolutely gave me the confidence to continue in my weight loss journey—which was only just beginning.

Athletic again

Because of my weight, I had to give up things I loved over the years, like playing golf and other sports. But the more weight I lost, the more active I became. I got to start playing the sports I loved again and I was always looking for new things to try. And one of the things I wanted to try was running, something I could have never imagined doing in previous years. In May of 2012 I competed in my first 5k race. (By that time I had lost 204 pounds!*) It felt great to have set a long-term goal for myself and actually see it through!

Well, the more races I ran, the more I began to love running and being outside. I'm always looking for ways to push myself, so in January of 2013 I began training for my first Tough Mudder. The Mudder is a 12-mile, 20+ obstacle race...in the mud. On May 18, 2013 I completed the race in under three hours! How? I used the things I had learned from Nutrisystem to help me through—things like control, perseverance and persistence. The race, just like losing weight, wasn't always easy, and it has had its ups and downs. But the important thing is to always push through. I've learned that if I know I am doing the right things I will always see the right results.

In all, I lost over half my weight—249 lbs.* in all. However, there is something far more important than numbers on a scale or races run, and that is my family. It's hard to put into words the impact my weight loss has had on my family. Honestly, it's changed everything. I'm a better husband to my wife and dad to my kids. I'm more active and involved with them. I know that because of the decisions I've made, my kids have a future with me in it—and being an active part of it.

And I know that I'm not just changing my life, but I'm changing my family's life for generations to come. We eat healthier as a family. Plus, I'm teaching my kids how important it is to be healthy and active because I don't want them to have to go through the same things I did. I don't want them to struggle with their weight and health. And I want them to teach it to their kids, and then to their kids. I want the choices I make today to have an impact long after I'm gone.

A new day

There's a quote out there that says, "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!"—and I remind myself of that almost daily. This has never been about a diet. This has always been about a lifestyle change. That may not seem like a big difference, but in reality it is huge. Diets fail, and they don't last: once you're off a diet you go back to your old habits that got you there in the first place. A lifestyle is just that, for life. It doesn't fail; if you have a bad meal or a bad day it doesn't derail you because tomorrow is a new day.

So I thank Nutrisystem for creating a program that gave me the tools and life skills to make this change in my life. I tell people all the time—and honestly believe—that Nutrisystem saved my life.


*On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem® program.