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Physician loses 78 lbs.* on Nutrisystem D
A number of years ago, I was in the process of adopting a little boy, so I got a complete medical workup to just make sure that there was nothing wrong with me. The only abnormalities were that my blood sugar was 580 and my hemoglobin A1C was 13.8. In short, I was diagnosed with diabetes, which was quite a shock. I had never thought of myself as diabetic. I had never even been concerned about it, but thinking back, I was having some blurry vision and didn’t have the energy I used to. Equally as shocking was when I got on the scale and weighed 310 pounds. I had had no idea that I had gained that much weight. I had been in shape all my life, and I had no clue or concern that I had diabetes until I got this done.

Perhaps I should have. I’m a small town physician, and I would get called in to the hospital many different times of the night. And sometimes, going with very little sleep, I’d grab a Snickers Bar and a Mountain Dew to wake me up on the way to the hospital. My life was work and sleep. I didn’t have time for exercise or time for medical appointments. I really had never taken care of myself.

Becoming a patient

Worse, as a person with diabetes and a physician, I was very knowledgeable on how to eat healthy; I would counsel people on a regular basis about low-glycemic index foods. It didn’t matter: I’d educated myself, but I wasn’t following my own advice. I would get distracted. I would have food brought into my office. The staff would go out and get pizza. There’d be a birthday party. Many excuses.

I was scared to death. I had never really had any medical issues in the first 40 years of my life. So it was very frightening to think that I was vulnerable to diabetes and to everything else that I had been lecturing my patients about all those years. I decided it was time to lose weight. I tried different methods of losing weight. I had tried Atkins, as well as some other more publicized (within the medical community) weight loss programs. And I went to the meetings every week. I lost some weight, but it became very difficult to continue going to meetings and doing everything else that was necessary, so I gained the weight back. It was frustrating.

A determined dad

About two years ago, I had a chronic cough and decided to diagnose myself again; I went in and had a chest x-ray and CAT scan. The CAT scan showed three large, ill-defined tumors in my right lung and enlarged lymph nodes in my chest. That was a wake-up call. For my son, I was going to work a little bit less and enjoy as many memories as possible. To do so, I’d have to lose weight. At that time, I happened to have a patient in the hospital who had been very overweight. I asked him how he did it, and he mentioned Nutrisystem; he said it was really easy and it worked well.

So I started researching Nutrisystem D, their weight loss plan for people with type 2 diabetes. I needed something that could fit into my lifestyle; I found that most Nutrisystem® meals took a minute or two in the microware, so it was something that would fit my schedule. I also read up on the ingredients, as I was concerned that there would be a lot of sugar (which was true of the other programs). However, Nutrisystem D has mostly whole grains and low glycemic index foods. It sounded like a healthy approach to weight loss. Besides, at that point, I decided that it didn’t matter what the food tasted like. I was going to eat it and I was going to lose the weight.

When I first started Nutrisystem D and opened the box, I looked at everything and thought, “Oh, my gosh! There’s all this candy. There are cakes.” I hadn’t eaten cakes, muffins or pizzas without a lot of guilt in a long time. When I took out my pizza, my office staff was laughing at the CD-sized pizza that was supposed to be filling; nonetheless, I started following the program and stuck with it religiously. And the food tasted fantastic! For a low-glycemic plan, I’m not totally sure how they make it taste as good as it does. In fact, I tell my patients this (and I’m not kidding): I could easily eat nothing but Nutrisystem® food and be very content. It’s that good.

Recovering his health and getting responses

Over the next several months, I lost 78 pounds.* The weight fell off so fast, it was unbelievable. My fasting blood sugars now range in the 100 to 120 range, which isn’t perfect—but it’s better than the 500s that I was in before. My hemoglobin A1c dropped to 7.4 and has gone down to as low as 7.* I wouldn’t say that my diabetes is completely gone yet, but I would say that it’s definitely under control—I have none of the symptoms of diabetes anymore. All because I lost weight and got healthier.

In fact, my weight loss has been so dramatic and so obvious that everybody was complimenting me on how wonderful I was doing. On a daily basis, patients look at me and ask, “How did you lose all this weight?” and I’ll go into a discussion about Nutrisystem. For emphasis, I keep a pair of my old scrubs around the office, and I’ll tell them, “This is what I was wearing a year and a half ago,” which gets their attention very well. I probably talk about Nutrisystem four or five times a day.

The topper always is, you don’t have to go to meetings and you don’t have to weigh in. You don’t have to go anywhere, in fact—my food comes to my office, on time, every time. You just pick out your food online and then it’s dropped off at your house. I mean, it can’t get any easier than that! My patients seem to particularly like that.
And when people will ask how it works, I tell them, there are no drugs in it. You’re not getting a bunch of amphetamines. You’re not getting stuff to boost up your metabolism chemically. You’re simply not eating as much—you eat frequently, though. It seems difficult to eat six times a day, but every three hours I’m putting food in my mouth and I’m never hungry.

Doctor discussions about D

Naturally, I discuss Nutrisystem with colleagues all the time as well. I point out, while we all know how to discuss diabetes, we are frequently accused of not focusing on nutrition, and not knowing nutrition. I think that more doctors need to wake up to it. Because, as healthcare professionals, we are constantly frustrated by patients not being able to lose weight, or by trying to lose weight and then gaining it right back. We deal with this every day. Most people know about diabetes. They know how to eat properly, but they just don’t do it—much like me.

So far I haven’t gained my weight back, thanks to Nutrisystem showing me how to get proper nutrition every day. With Nutrisystem, there’s no guessing or measuring, and you choose your own foods—and, in the process, I think that you’re subconsciously taught how to develop portion control sizes and how to know what the right amount of a food is. Here’s how I know I’ve learned this: When I’m out at restaurants I can limit myself now—because the plan has taught me that, yes, a CD-sized pizza with vegetables on it is sufficient, and will prevent me from walking away hungry.
Changing lives—including his own

Nutrisystem D is a weight loss method that’s very simple, inexpensive, and easy. You lose weight so quickly, you don’t have to struggle with it. You don’t have to even think about it. You do it and the weight’s gone. And it works. All of my patients and employees who have tried it have lost weight.

I know that Nutrisystem D worked for me—and I had really bad problems with my blood glucose. So now I can change the eating habits of my patients who have diabetes even more because I can be an example. And I can be a better dad to my son, knowing that I’m getting healthier every day.

—Dr. Jamie Rogan

*On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. In clinical studies, subjects on Nutrisystem D, in combination with counseling sessions, lost an average of about 14 lbs. in 3 months, and 18 lb. in 6 months. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem program. Individual not a study participant.

November is National Diabetes Month. To find out more about diabetes, visit the National Diabetes Association website at www.diabetes.org .