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Marie Osmond Loves NutriSystem!
Popular entertainer turns her weight around, feels younger
Most people who decide to lose weight have a turning point—a moment of unvarnished truth when all the denial and excuses fall away. In her own words, this was Marie’s:

“One day about a year ago, I came off stage during a rehearsal for a concert, out of breath from singing and dancing. My oldest child, Stephen, was waiting in the wings, and he said to me, ‘Mom, please take care of yourself. We’d like to have you around to know our children, too.’

I knew my son had reason to be concerned. I had been caring for my mother who had suffered a massive stroke and complications from heart disease. After two years and many hours spent sitting by her bed, and many milkshakes from the hospital snack bar, I had put on too many extra pounds.

I decided, on that day, that the most loving thing I could ever do for my own children and those I love, would be to take care of myself.”

As one of the country’s most successful entertainers and businesswomen, Marie Osmond, a mother of eight, was no stranger to the pressures so many people face in their day-to-day lives. And she could see the price of those pressures in her weight.

Marie wasn’t totally in denial. She had realized the pounds were creeping up, and for a while, she tried to cover her weight gain with tricks like wearing long jackets and full skirts. But she couldn’t cover up the fact that her energy was decreasing and her activities were increasingly more limited. She was in her 40s—unhappy about how she looked and how she felt.

“I knew I was getting older,” she said, “but I didn’t want to feel older. And I didn’t want to settle for living a life that I didn’t want.”

Determined to turn her life around, Marie started researching weight loss programs—trying to see which one would be the best fit for her. She believed that NutriSystem would be the perfect solution. She explained it this way. “I needed something easy, convenient, no hassle. I didn’t want to worry about cooking, and I didn’t have to think about food.”

Marie was also skeptical of “magic pills” to help her achieve her weight loss. With her schedule, convenience was a huge factor. “When you have kids and a busy career, you need a lot of patience. What I didn’t need was a lot of work—which was why I chose NutriSystem. Most of the meals take less than two minutes to prepare, and I don’t have to count calories or points or anything. If you’re busy, this is the perfect program.”

Marie was especially impressed with NutriSystem® Advanced™. She knew how healthy it was, and it helped her control her cravings. But even more, she absolutely loved the food. “My favorites are the Black Beans and Rice, and the Cheese Ravioli; plus I love the bars, especially the Fudge Graham Bar, the Chocolate Crunch Bar and the Strawberry Shortcake Bar.”

Although Marie’s intent was to become healthy, she was so excited when her weight began to fall. “As the pounds started to melt away, I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘Wow! Not bad, Marie!’”

In addition to losing weight, Marie saw her eating habits begin to change, too—change that ultimately carried over to everyone in her family. “Since I have started NutriSystem, all my kids are into salads—crazy! Plus, now I crave fruit!” In fact, Marie often carries her NutriSystem® meals in her purse, along with a piece of fruit. “That’s it. Very easy! It’s been so convenient and helped me have better eating habits.”

After she’d been on NutriSystem for several months, Marie was dancing in L.A. and saw her brothers. “They couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost,” she said. Ultimately, brothers Jimmy, Jay and Merrill all started the program, too.

To the people who thought Marie actually lost the weight because she was dancing, she offers this quick correction: “Everybody danced,” she said, “but nobody lost the kind of weight I did.”

Since starting NutriSystem, Marie has lost 40 pounds* and said she couldn’t be happier. “Wow, do I feel better.” That weight loss has translated into better eating habits and regained confidence. “People have noticed,” she said. “But I have to tell you: the best compliment I’ve received was from my 19-year-old daughter. The other day she looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said, ‘Wow, Mom. You look great. I think you’re a hottie!’”

Marie’s no longer in those shape-concealing long jackets. “It’s nice to be back in my jeans,” she said. As for buying new clothes: “I’ve bought everything new! I was, like, a size 10/12, and now, I’m a 2/4*” She’s also more active than she’s been in a long time. “I haven’t had this kind of energy in at least 10 years,” she said. “I feel like getting out and rock climbing and hiking and biking, even dancing…the things I love doing but didn’t because I was overweight.”

Marie’s been happy with how easy it was to lose weight, and she has a little advice for anyone wondering whether to start NutriSystem: Do it!

“I know now that being overweight is not something you just have to accept as you get older. I know that you can change everything. I know that you can lose weight. And I know you can do it in a healthy way.” She has a special concern for women. “As women, we spend a lot of time caring for everyone else, but zero time for ourselves. I finally did something great for me…so I could do something great for my family. The reality of the situation is this: If Momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

When asked if she has any tips for someone just starting out, her answer was simple: “Take up a NEW hobby. Make food a non-issue. Look, I chose NutriSystem because I just wanted to feel better. To live longer and really, really enjoy all that life has to offer. Getting skinny was a welcomed bonus. I swear, I’m living proof it works!”

*Results not typical.

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